His name is Darwin.

I’ve been working with Darwin for almost two years now, and during that time, the progress he’s made has been miraculous. You see, when I first met Darwin, he was barely able to walk.

Although he was an athlete in his younger years, Darwin was involved in a car accident (at age 18) that forever changed his life.

Suffering from skull, rib, and clavicle fractures, Darwin’s outlook was grim. He also had a dislocated hip, bruised lung, and was on a ventilator for six weeks. Because of his injuries, Darwin lost 50 pounds and experienced significant neurological issues.

“I learned how to crawl, then walk—basically started from the beginning. Through the next 10 years, I improved due to a lot of rehab & physical therapy. Throughout the following years, I continued to deal with various health issues, but was thankful that I was doing as well as I was.”

Darwin and I began working together about two years ago (when he turned 55). In the beginning, whenever Darwin attempted to perform lower body exercises his knees would wobble uncontrollably. Thus, he was unable to complete most of the movements.

Fast forward to today, after working with a personal trainer, Darwin’s story is much different.

Over the past 2 years, I have been guided by Youssef in improving my general health, including better coordination, energy, walking, nutrition, and the “shakiness” of my leg (which is now minimal).

The periodic discussions to set goals for my exercise & nutrition – as well as modifying workouts as needed on a daily basis – have been very valuable in my journey to better health.

Youssef’s professionalism, knowledge, patience & encouragement have been what I needed to guide me down the road to continued healing and physical health. I would highly recommend having Youssef as your trainer.

Darwin is now doing 60-pound Goblet squats and 145-pound Deadlifts - exercises his doctors said he’d “never” be able to do. And when he told his chiropractor about the good news, he was flabbergasted.

Darwin’s vast improvement is a testimony to the power of hard work, commitment, and never giving up. Although I designed and supervised the exercises, Darwin did all the rest himself.

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